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Hey, I'm Jeff!  I help companies implement the WalkMe Digital Adoption Platform to bring their employee onboarding and training into the 21st century using Analytics, AI and Automated In-App Guidance.

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Companies Trusting Jeff for WalkMe Help:

Does this Sound Familiar?

You Manage a Complex App

Could be a CRM like Salesforce, HCM like SuccessFactors, ERP, Financial, SaaS or home-grown, doesn't matter.  A lot of functions, a lot of screens, probably clunky and not intuitive.

Your Processes are Always Changing

Another field, another screen, another integration, another update.  How do your employees keep up?

Your Users Are Struggling

You get a lot of the same questions even though you've written down the answer.  It seems like people don't do what you tell them.

You Don't Have Good Data

Do you know exactly where processes are breaking down?  Do you know who's using that new feature your Dev team just launched?  Let's be honest, probably not.

You've Tried Old Methods

The internal knowledgebase no one visits.  The lunch n' learns no one attends.  The emailed PowerPoints no one reads.  And then your users still run into issues you have to address.

You Want a Better Way

You'd like to not answer the same questions the rest of your career.  Maybe you've heard of this thing called a Digital Adoption Platform?  Maybe you've hard of WalkMe but have a lot of questions...  

Get Help with WalkMe


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How It Works

Get Clarity

Your company is unique.  Your situation is uncommon.

You've got a lot of questions -- Is WalkMe the right tool given the problems we're having?  Can we get where we want to go with it?  What would it take in terms of time, money and resources?  What would it look like running on our application?

You don't want some cookie cutter approach to solving your problems.  And you want to have complete confidence in the partner you select to help you.

That's why the first step in my process is my proprietary WalkMe Roadmap Assessment

  • Full Diagnostic of your applications, processes and organization.
  • Working demo of WalkMe running on your application
  • Three custom options for implementation

Get WalkMe Setup Correctly

After the thorough diagnosis from the Roadmap Assessment, you now have three detailed fixed scope implementation options.  You choose what makes the most sense!


Now we:

Remove friction from your application and improve onboarding by building WalkMe solutions.

Demonstrate ROI to your organization by reviewing WalkMe Analytics.

Set you up for long-term success by establishing your WalkMe Center of Excellence.

And all along the way:

You have direct access to me from the beginning to the end of the project, we don't "run out of hours".


Get Trained Up

At this point, you will want to train internal staff to manage WalkMe long-term.  That's why I created my own WalkMe training system:  The DAP Academy:

Get All My Lessons Learned - Weekly videos with real-world learnings from building hundreds of WalkMe items across multiple systems and companies.

Get Your Questions Answered - Weekly QA Sessions. Screen share with WalkMe Editor open, completing real work.

Keep it Going

At this point, many teams are completely self sufficient.  Other companies have bigger goals and want some additional assistance with the product longer-term.  That's where my Managed Services can be appropriate.


  • Solve Problems with Expert WalkMe Building
  • Keep it Running with Content Maintenance
  • Ask Me Anything with Regular Coaching
  • Get Insight into Your Users with WalkMe Analytics


Why Choose JMayhugh Consulting?

Customer to Partner

I know what you're going through! 

I was a customer of WalkMe before I became a partner. 

Did end-to-end implementations and expanded to multiple systems so I've seen what works...

Sole Focus

I only specialize in Digital Adoption with WalkMe. 

I'm not a big $ consulting firm claiming to solve every business problem under the sun, WalkMe included. 

I'm a WalkMe MVP, know the product inside and out, even helping beta test new features.

Results, Not "Hours"

There's an immaturity in the WalkMe Partner ecosystem reflected in many partner's use of Hourly Rates.

I work project-based which requires knowing what you're doing, properly scoping projects, and building relationships with the client.

This results in much higher client satisfaction.

Get Help with WalkMe

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Frequently Asked Questions

Hi!  I'm Jeff.

I've been improving business processes and expanding adoption of enterprise apps for 10 years. 

I have a varied background including Human Factors, IT Project Management, managing and fixing processes, and leading WalkMe. 

Now I'm a WalkMe MVP and Implementation partner based outside Chicago, IL serving clients nationwide.

Get Help with WalkMe

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